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The Empowerment Model

We have helped thousands of community members regain control of their lives. Stability requires job stability, financial literacy, and sometimes, legal support.


We offer both 1:1 sessions and group workshops tailored to your needs. Our approach is non-judgemental and our advice is customized to support each individual situation. We do promise that you will leave feeling empowered and with an action plan on how to achieve your goals. Try a 60-minute one-on-one session with a counselor that fits your needs!


Our services are available to all Triangle residents and you do not have to be a survivor of domestic violence to use them. Please schedule an appointment with us by calling 919-968-4610. You can also follow us on social media for upcoming workshops.

Career/Financial Counseling and Support Services

Compass Center’s career services are designed to assist clients in cultivating their skill set to be successful through a variety of service options. Clients can pick from an array of services from unlimited one-on-one meetings with a coach to career groups. 



60 minute in-person appointment with a career counselor. This is an informal meeting, but please bring resume, cover letter drafts, or any other materials that you would like to work on during your appointment. A small intake to assess your needs will be done over the phone you schedule your appointment. To schedule please call 919-968-4610.

Giving a Presentation


Career and Financial groups are available to clients who identify as domestic violence survivors. Trained facilitators lead participants through challenging financial/career topics in a supportive, shared, and safe learning environment. Materials are designed to address how life experiences such as domestic violence, divorce, etc, have impacted career and financial goals.

Career Cards


Career and Financial Workshops are open to all community members. These workshops are intended to address specific concerns like interview skills, improving credit, or budget creation and work with participants to develop skills to address these concerns.

To learn more or sign up for a financial or career workshop or group, please contact Compass Center at 919-968-4610.

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Financial Counseling and Support Services

We provide one-on-one counseling and workshops that help people learn to manage their money, save to buy a home, and address credit and debt issues. These services are available to all people and can be tailored to each individual’s needs. Many domestic violence clients use these services as they rebuild their lives. We have Financial Workshops and Groups as seen in the section above.

  • Debt

  • Divorce

  • Budgeting

  • Saving and Retirement 

  • Investing

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Family Law Workshop

  • Compass Center partners with three local attorneys to provide free Family Law Workshops every month! This service will help you better understand North Carolina Family Law and your rights during separation and divorce. If you are unsure of where to start or which questions to ask – start with our Family Law Workshop! The workshops are held in our office, last around 90-minutes, and are open to the public.

  • Topics for workshops vary due to the attendee’s needs; however, each workshop covers Family Law in North Carolina:

    • Separation

    • Divorce

    • Spousal Support

    • Property Distribution

    • Child Support

    • Child Custody

    • Domestic Violence​


Legal Information and Support Services

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Learn more about our services below!
Please note: We do not have attorneys on staff or provide pro-bono attorneys. Our programs are meant to help you feel more informed and not meant to take the place of legal consultations.

Community Legal Project (CLP)
CLP is a partnership with UNC Law School. In this program, clients have the opportunity to meet with law students for two 30-minute appointments. During the first appointment, clients are able to describe their concerns and legal questions. After this meeting, law students consult with their professors, research the legal remedies, and prepare a written brief. During the second appointment, the law student shares their written brief with the client and explains their legal options. Call 919-968-4610 Mon-Fri to schedule.



Legal Information Phone Calls

  • Legal Information Service (LIS) provides the opportunity to speak with a volunteer attorney by phone for 15 minutes to discuss legal issues including divorce, child custody, consumer law, tenants' rights, etc. This service may help you clarify your legal issue(s) and is suggested for those that have specific questions to ask.

  • Attorneys offer information only, not advice, consultation, or representation. Call Compass Center at 919-968-4610 to schedule a free evening appointment. This service is only available for residents of North Carolina.


Family Law Book

  • Written by attorneys for those of us who aren’t - our Family Law Book is available to read in the office. This book simplifies North Carolina Family Law while also helping you navigate the emotional side of divorce, separation, mediation, equitable distribution, custody, and domestic violence. Order the book by calling us at 919-968-4610.

Information & Referral Services

The goal of Compass Center’s Information and Referral Program is to listen, emotionally support, and provide vital information about community resources available for individuals and families in the Triangle area.
Trained volunteers are available to provide information about community resources. Please call us at 919-968-4610 for information about local agencies, services, and programs, as well as for information about Compass Center.
If you know or think someone you care about is being abused, please refer to our How Can I Help post and encourage them to call the Compass Center 24-hour hotline to speak with an advocate or to come in for an appointment

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Compass Center advocates also provide information about resources in the following areas:

  • ​Latino/Refugee/Immigration

  • LGBTQ Resources

  • Transportation

  • UNC Student Services

  • Donations/Holiday Help

  • Food/Clothing/Thrift

  • Health Service

  • Housing

  • Education and Training

  • Counseling and Support Services

  • Disabilities Services

  • Health Services

  • Substance Abuse Resources

  • Resources for Seniors

  • Political and Government Resources

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