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Parents and Sex Education

Improving Sexual Education Dialogue between Parents and Youth

Parents are a young person's primary educators. We understand that talking about dating, relationships, and sex with your kids can be challenging, and as your community sex educators, we’re here to help! Check out this resource page on our parent programming and for some tips for talking with your young person about sexuality.

Attend a Parent Session


We hold sessions throughout the year at local schools to support parents in having values-based conversations about sexuality with their kids. We cover the tough topics like social media use, pornography, internet safety, identity development, and safe sex and explore how to discuss them within your family’s value system. Contact our Teens Climb High program manager for details about upcoming sessions at or 919-968-4610.

Youth Empowerment Blog

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Learn more about sexuality topics through our youth empowerment and sexuality blog here!


Watch and Learn

We have created several videos that focus on talking with your young person about tough topics related to sexuality. Check them out for tips on how to have effective, meaningful conversations with your young person.



Parent education sessions playlist


Parent videos


Teens & Library

For additional resources, check out the following:


Sex Positive Families--

An amazing resource for families looking for sex positive resources for their kids!



A great compilation of kid-friendly videos on a number of sexuality topics.


For Goodness Sex (book)--

An excellent book for exploring how to talk to teens about sexuality, values, and health.


Sex Positive Books for Kids--

A great list from Sex Positive Families that has book options from birth through adulthood covering a wide range of sexuality topics.

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