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Leadership Announcement - March 2022


Leadership Announcement - March 2022

Christian has been a long-time advocate for victims of many forms of injustices including domestic violence and sexual violence. “I am thrilled to work alongside the amazing staff and board of Compass Center, to continue supporting community members seeking self-sufficiency services, survivors of domestic violence, and youth and adult health education participants.  As an activist and a social worker, I see systemic oppressions contributing to poverty, unequal access to employment, and inequitable access to information, resources and legal remedies. In addition, the multiple layers of systemic oppression also limits the lack of access and knowledge about sexual health choices, violence prevention, and domestic violence that erase personal bodily autonomy. Therefore, I look forward to leading the organization into a sustainable future that amplifies the voices of all people and raises greater awareness of social justice issues that impact entire communities for generations.” says Adams.

Christian will lead a team of 24 employees and over 200 volunteers who serve more than 6,000 clients each year. Our mission is to help all people navigate their journey to self-sufficiency, safety, and health. We empower individuals and promote equal access to opportunity regardless of gender or economic status.

The board also expresses gratitude to all Compass Center staff members for skilfully leading their programs through this transition, continuing to provide quality services, and for their contributions during the leadership selection process.  

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