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Information and Referral Services

The goal of Compass Center’s Information and Referral Program is to listen, emotionally support, and provide vital information about community resources available for individuals and families in the Triangle area.


Trained volunteers are available to provide information about community resources. Please call us at 919-968-4610 for information about local agencies, services, and programs, as well as for information about Compass Center.


If you know or think someone you care about is being abused, please refer to our How Can I Help post and encourage them to call the Compass Center 24-hour hotline to speak with an advocate or to come in for an appointment.

VOlunteer Training.jpg

Please also check our list of local and national Hotlines and Helplines.

Information and Referral services are provided in...

Compass Center advocates also provide information about resources in the following areas:

  • ​Latino/Refugee/Immigration

  • LGBTQ Resources

  • Transportation

  • UNC Student Services

  • Donations/Holiday Help

  • Food/Clothing/Thrift

  • Health Service

  • Housing

  • Education and Training

  • Counseling and Support Services

  • Disabilities Services

  • Health Services

  • Substance Abuse Resources

  • Resources for Seniors

  • Political and Government Resources

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