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Board Statement regarding racial equity

We believe that Black Lives Matter.  We stand in support of racial equity and social justice.  

We acknowledge that: 


  • There have been historical injustices of structural and systemic racism

  • We need to be part of the movement for racial justice

  • There is a sense of urgency.


We commit to:

  • Take responsibility for our actions, including when we allow people to be mistreated

  • Educate ourselves on an individual basis and as Compass Center Board

  • Collect more data regarding who we serve and the needs of our community

  • Review our policies and look through a racial equity lens and seek to correct biases that we discover

  • Go outside our networks and work to increase board diversity

  • Reassess the Compass Center strategic plan

  • Support openness and honesty among the board so differences of opinion can be shared and heard

  • Be open to feedback and collaboration from staff, clients and volunteers

  • Create a culture of inclusion

  • Create measurable goals to hold ourselves accountable to these commitments.


We will advocate for:

- Agencies and organizations with which we interact to demonstrate their efforts to improve racial equity and social justice

- Clients who we may have underserved in the past by seeking to understand how to reach out to them or lower barriers to accessing our services 

- Each of our employees who have experienced inequity in their work with us or with agencies we interact with. 


We will challenge ourselves to

  • Understand where we need to improve:  our desire to correct injustice does not automatically mean we will be able to see it more clearly. We will need focus and assistance to create measurable improvements.  

  • Learn effective ways to implement change in vision and practice

  • Open our conversations to a diverse range of voices.

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